Question: Is Sherry White Ministries a Non-Profit Organization?

Question:Who receives a salary or income from Sherry White Ministries? 

Answer: No one receives pay from Sherry White Ministries. We have one paid staff person in the entire ministry. Our program Director is paid through Lydia's House as funds are available.


 Ann Wilson

Board Members

Sherry White 

Mark White

Rachel Chapa

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Montry Thompson

Commonly asked questions

​​Question:If I make a donation to Sherry White Ministries what will it be used for?

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Question:  Is your financial records open for public review?

Question: If Sherry White Ministries received a 1 million dollar gift how would that money be used?

Answer?  Regardless if it is $1 or $1Million our principles are the same.

A) We tithe first off of all money we receive.

This money is used to build and fund orphanages in the Dominican Republic and other third world countries.

B) We would pay off any outstanding debts. Currently, there is only one debt. A Line of credit at Wauchula State bank for $17,300.

C) Our goal is to complete Pioneer Village Farm for family restoration,  purchase additional land (175 acres) adding staff housing and other buildings for family visitation and restoration.

Answer:Yes, our records are available upon request.

Rachel Chapa retired in 2017 after serving as program Director since we opened Lydia's House Program in 2007.

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Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6

Answer: Yes! Sherry White Ministries is a 501 c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Answer: You can designate your gift or allow us to use the money as needed.

I want to thank all of the prayer warriors who bathe this ministry, staff and leadership in prayer. 

Additional Staff

Angela Weaver - House Mom/Director

Montry Thompson- Tea House Manager

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