Broken Families often find hope and healing at PIONEER VILLAGE

Thank you for helping us maintain and develop the farm where JESUS is Lord and families are united.

You choose the length of your stay.

 1 day, 1 weekend, 1 month, you decide.


Family Restoration begins at Pioneer Village Farm.  On the third Sunday of each month we offer Family Class to the women of Lydia's House and their families.  The farm is a safe environment for the women in our residential program to reunite with their families and children.  The animals and grounds provide excitement, adventure, and quality family time. Sunday School begins at 9am and Service at 10am.  A potluck lunch and Family Class directly follow the service.  

​​Bring your family or church group to our Self-Guided Tour and Prayer Walk this season.  Experience the beauty and peace of Pioneer Village while learning Mrs. Sherry's vision for the ministry and the farm.  For more information please visit our YouTube Channel:  Pioneer Village Ministry Farm

From Left:  Jay and Justina Robinson and kids, Brandon and Milhu Ables and kids.

What will we do on our mission trip? 

Choose your project(s)

We provide materials. You provide tools. 


 * Two see-saws for the playground

*  Two old fashioned out houses

*  Put in a new floor at the General Store

*  Build new rabbit pens

*  Build a portable chicken tractor

*  Clean out the pond

*  Work in our thrift stores

*  Put up new fence for the horses.

*  Upgrade the petting farm

*  Clean and repair horse carriages

*  Work on the barn

*  Vehicle or bicycle repair 

*  Work in our Tea House


Live like your ancestors and experience 1800's pioneer living where farmers helped their neighbor.  We provide housing by way of two log cabins and camping facilities. Campers and tents welcome. We have bathroom, shower and kitchen facilities for men and women.  You provide your transportation and food.  Email us when you're ready to book a date.

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